Long Island school rankings, 2014-15

The New York State Department of Education's accountability designations categorize schools and districts into four performance tiers. From lowest to highest, they are:

  • Priority: Schools or districts in the lowest 5 percent statewide for English and math that are not making progress from the previous year.
  • Focus: Schools or districts that "must develop comprehensive plans to support improvement efforts."
  • Local Assistance Plan: Schools or districts that need to improve performance to avoid slipping into the Focus category. This category functions as a watch list and there are 49 Long Island schools with this designation.
  • Good standing: Schools or districts that meet state criteria for adequate performance.

In addition, the state designated as "reward schools" those that have made yearly progress in a range of accountability categories. Ninety-nine Long Island schools received this designation.

School status and reward designations

Local Assistance Plan
Good standing
Reward school

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