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Here are nominees and winners in six top Oscar categories going back to the first awards ceremony in 1928. In the early years, nominations were not made public, so the nominees listed come from Academy records of award deliberations. Ties were allowed in the early years, and until 1934 the period from which films were eligible did not match the calendar year. Nominations for best supporting actors and actresses began in 1936.
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of 2,563 records
Year Category Won? Actor/director name Film name
1986 Best Actor no Dexter Gordon "'Round Midnight"
1979 Best Actor no Al Pacino "...And Justice for All"
1957 Best Director no Sidney Lumet "12 Angry Men"
1957 Best Picture no "12 Angry Men"
1995 Best Supporting Actor no Brad Pitt "12 Monkeys"
2013 Best Actor no Chiwetel Eljiofor "12 Years a Slave"
2013 Best Supporting Actor no Michael Fassbender "12 Years a Slave"
2013 Best Supporting Actress yes Lupita Nyong'o "12 Years a Slave"
2013 Best Picture yes "12 Years a Slave"
2013 Best Director no Steve McQueen "12 Years a Slave"
2010 Best Actor no James Franco "127 Hours"
2010 Best Picture no "127 Hours"
1968 Best Director no Stanley Kubrick "2001: A Space Odyssey"
2003 Best Actress no Naomi Watts "21 Grams"
2003 Best Supporting Actor no Benicio Del Toro "21 Grams"
1933 Best Picture no "42nd Street"
1928 Best Picture no "7th Heaven "
1928 Best Actress yes Janet Gaynor "7th Heaven"
1928 Best Director yes Frank Borzage "7th Heaven" (drama)
2001 Best Director yes Ron Howard "A Beautiful Mind"
2001 Best Picture yes "A Beautiful Mind"
2001 Best Actor no Russell Crowe "A Beautiful Mind"
2001 Best Supporting Actress yes Jennifer Connelly "A Beautiful Mind"
2011 Best Actor no Demian Bichir "A Better Life"
1998 Best Supporting Actor no Robert Duvall "A Civil Action"
1971 Best Picture no "A Clockwork Orange"
1971 Best Director no Stanley Kubrick "A Clockwork Orange"
1988 Best Actress no Meryl Streep "A Cry in the Dark"
1947 Best Director no George Cukor "A Double Life"
1947 Best Actor yes Ronald Colman "A Double Life"
1989 Best Supporting Actor no Marlon Brando "A Dry White Season"
1933 Best Picture no "A Farewell to Arms"
1957 Best Supporting Actor no Vittorio De Sica "A Farewell to Arms"
1992 Best Picture no "A Few Good Men"
1992 Best Supporting Actor no Jack Nicholson "A Few Good Men"
1988 Best Supporting Actor yes Kevin Kline "A Fish Called Wanda"
1988 Best Director no Charles Crichton "A Fish Called Wanda"
1931 Best Director no Clarence Brown "A Free Soul"
1931 Best Actress no Norma Shearer "A Free Soul"
1931 Best Actor yes Lionel Barrymore "A Free Soul"
1957 Best Actor no Anthony Franciosa "A Hatful of Rain"
2005 Best Supporting Actor no William Hurt "A History of Violence"
1949 Best Picture no "A Letter to Three Wives"
1949 Best Director yes Joseph L. Mankiewicz "A Letter to Three Wives"
1966 Best Director no Claude Lelouch "A Man and a Woman"
1966 Best Actress no Anouk Aimee "A Man and a Woman"
1966 Best Supporting Actor no Robert Shaw "A Man for All Seasons"
1966 Best Picture yes "A Man for All Seasons"
1966 Best Actor yes Paul Scofield "A Man for All Seasons"
1966 Best Supporting Actress no Wendy Hiller "A Man for All Seasons"
of 2,563 records

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