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Here are nominees and winners in six top Oscar categories going back to the first awards ceremony in 1928. In the early years, nominations were not made public, so the nominees listed come from Academy records of award deliberations. Ties were allowed in the early years, and until 1934 the period from which films were eligible did not match the calendar year. Nominations for best supporting actors and actresses began in 1936.
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of 2,563 records
Year Category Won? Actor/director name Film name
1962 Best Actor yes Gregory Peck "To Kill a Mockingbird"
1961 Best Actor yes Maximilian Schell "Judgment at Nuremberg"
1960 Best Actor yes Burt Lancaster "Elmer Gantry"
1959 Best Actor yes Charlton Heston "Ben-Hur"
1958 Best Actor yes David Niven "Separate Tables"
1957 Best Actor yes Alec Guinness "The Bridge on the River Kwai"
1956 Best Actor yes Yul Brynner "The King and I"
1955 Best Actor yes Ernest Borgnine "Marty"
1954 Best Actor yes Marlon Brando "On the Waterfront"
1953 Best Actor yes William Holden "Stalag 17"
1952 Best Actor yes Gary Cooper "High Noon"
1951 Best Actor yes Humphrey Bogart "The African Queen"
1950 Best Actor yes José Ferrer "Cyrano de Bergerac"
1948 Best Actor yes Laurence Olivier "Hamlet"
1949 Best Actor yes Broderick Crawford "All the King's Men"
1947 Best Actor yes Ronald Colman "A Double Life"
1946 Best Actor yes Fredric March "The Best Years of Our Lives"
1945 Best Actor yes Ray Milland "The Lost Weekend"
1944 Best Actor yes Bing Crosby "Going My Way"
1943 Best Actor yes Paul Lukas "Watch on the Rhine"
1942 Best Actor yes James Cagney "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
1941 Best Actor yes Gary Cooper "Sergeant York"
1940 Best Actor yes James Stewart "The Philadelphia Story"
1939 Best Actor yes Robert Donat "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
1938 Best Actor yes Spencer Tracy "Boys Town"
1937 Best Actor yes Spencer Tracy "Captains Courageous"
1936 Best Actor yes Paul Muni "The Story of Louis Pasteur"
1935 Best Actor yes Victor McLaglen "The Informer"
1934 Best Actor yes Clark Gable "It Happened One Night"
1933 Best Actor yes Charles Laughton "The Private Life of Henry VIII"
1932 Best Actor yes Fredric March "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
1932 Best Actor yes Wallace Beery "The Champ"
1931 Best Actor yes Lionel Barrymore "A Free Soul"
1930 Best Actor yes George Arliss "Disraeli"
1929 Best Actor yes Warner Baxter "In Old Arizona"
1928 Best Actor yes Emil Jannings "The Last Command, and The Way of All Flesh"
2010 Best Picture yes "The King's Speech"
2009 Best Picture yes "The Hurt Locker"
2008 Best Picture yes "Slumdog Millionaire"
2007 Best Picture yes "No Country for Old Men"
2006 Best Picture yes "The Departed"
2005 Best Picture yes "Crash"
2004 Best Picture yes "Million Dollar Baby"
2003 Best Picture yes "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
2002 Best Picture yes "Chicago"
2001 Best Picture yes "A Beautiful Mind"
2000 Best Picture yes "Gladiator"
1999 Best Picture yes "American Beauty"
1998 Best Picture yes "Shakespeare in Love"
1997 Best Picture yes "Titanic"
of 2,563 records

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