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Here are nominees and winners in six top Oscar categories going back to the first awards ceremony in 1928. In the early years, nominations were not made public, so the nominees listed come from Academy records of award deliberations. Ties were allowed in the early years, and until 1934 the period from which films were eligible did not match the calendar year. Nominations for best supporting actors and actresses began in 1936.
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of 2,563 records
Year Category Won? Actor/director name Film name
1928 Best Actor yes Emil Jannings "The Last Command, and The Way of All Flesh"
1928 Best Actor no Richard Barthelmess "The Noose, and The Patent Leather Kid"
1928 Best Picture no "The Racket "
1928 Best Picture no "7th Heaven "
1928 Best Picture yes "Wings "
1928 Best Director no King Vidor "The Crowd" (drama)
1928 Best Director no Herbert Brenon "Sorrell and Son" (drama)
1928 Best Director yes Frank Borzage "7th Heaven" (drama)
1928 Best Director no Ted Wilde "Speedy" (comedy)
1928 Best Director yes Lewis Milestone "Two Arabian Knights" (comedy)
1928 Best Actress no Gloria Swanson "Sadie Thompson"
1928 Best Actress yes Janet Gaynor "7th Heaven"
1928 Best Actress no Louise Dresser "A Ship Comes In"
1929 Best Actor no Lewis Stone "The Patriot"
1929 Best Actor no Paul Muni "The Valiant"
1929 Best Actor no Chester Morris "Alibi"
1929 Best Actor yes Warner Baxter "In Old Arizona"
1929 Best Actor no George Bancroft "Thunderbolt"
1929 Best Picture no "Alibi"
1929 Best Picture no "In Old Arizona"
1929 Best Picture yes "The Broadway Melody"
1929 Best Picture no "Hollywood Revue"
1929 Best Picture no "The Patriot"
1929 Best Director no Ernst Lubitsch "The Patriot"
1929 Best Director no Frank Lloyd "Drag; and Weary River"
1929 Best Director yes Frank Lloyd "The Divine Lady"
1929 Best Director no Irving Cummings "In Old Arizona"
1929 Best Director no Harry Beaumont "The Broadway Melody"
1929 Best Director no Lionel Barrymore "Madame X"
1929 Best Actress yes Mary Pickford "Coquette"
1929 Best Actress no Bessie Love "The Broadway Melody"
1929 Best Actress no Corinne Griffith "The Divine Lady"
1929 Best Actress no Jeanne Eagels "The Letter"
1929 Best Actress no Betty Compson "The Barker"
1929 Best Actress no Ruth Chatterton "Madame X"
1930 Best Actor no Lawrence Tibbett "The Rogue Song"
1930 Best Actor no Ronald Colman "Bulldog Drummond"
1930 Best Actor no Maurice Chevalier "The Big Pond"
1930 Best Actor no Wallace Beery "The Big House"
1930 Best Actor no George Arliss "The Green Goddess"
1930 Best Actor yes George Arliss "Disraeli"
1930 Best Picture yes "All Quiet on the Western Front"
1930 Best Picture no "The Big House"
1930 Best Picture no "Disraeli"
1930 Best Picture no "The Divorcee"
1930 Best Picture no "The Love Parade"
1930 Best Director no King Vidor "Hallelujah"
1930 Best Director yes Lewis Milestone "All Quiet on the Western Front"
1930 Best Director no Ernst Lubitsch "The Love Parade"
1930 Best Director no Robert Leonard "The Divorcee"
of 2,563 records

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