Long Island's representatives: how they voted

After the 2010 election, Long Island's representatives trended toward the center while many others in Congress became more ideologically polarized. The graphs and table below show how they voted on 55 key issues and where they broke with their parties.

The ideological rankings from the conservative American Conservative Union and the liberal Americans for Democratic Action are illustrated in the following graphs. The table below breaks down where the representatives stood vote by vote.

The yes-no vote tallies for the two parties will not add up to the total vote in the House because of Rep. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont.

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Bill Subject Date Final vote (Y-N) Democrats Republicans Bishop Israel King McCarthy Ackerman Meeks
Protect gunmakers from lawsuits Gun control 4/9/2003 285-140 63-137 221-3 No No Yes No No No
Repeal D.C. gun laws Gun control 9/29/2004 250-171 54-148 196-22 No No No No No No
Repeal D.C. gun law Gun control 6/30/2005 259-161 50-145 209-15 No No No No No No
Protect gun makers from lawsuits Gun control 10/20/2005 283-144 59-140 223-4 No No Yes No No No
Bars federal funds for enforcing child safety lock law Gun control 6/28/2006 230-191 42-153 188-37 No No No No No No
Weaken ATF gun law enforcement Gun control 9/26/2006 277-131 63-123 213-8 No No No No No No
NICS Improvement Act of 2007 to coax states to do better screening of gun buyers Gun control 12/19/2007 Unanimous Voice Vote
Repeal D.C. gun law Gun control 9/17/2008 266-152 85-145 181-7 Not Voting No No No No No
Allow concealed weapons in national parks Gun control 5/20/2009 279-147 105-145 174-2 No No Yes No No Yes
Right to carry guns between states Gun control 11/16/2011 272-154 43-147 229-7 No No No No No No
Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Part D) Health Care 11/22/2003 220-215 16-189 204-25 No No Yes No No No
Expand Children's Health Insurance Program Health Care 9/25/2007 265-159 220-8 45-151 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare Health Care 3/21/2010 219-212 219-34 0-178 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Health Care 7/11/2012 244-185 5-185 239-0 No No Yes No No No
Put troops on Mexican border Immigration 5/19/2004 231-191 31-170 200-20 Yes No Yes No No No
Real ID Act for driver license standards Immigration 2/10/2005 261-161 42-152 219-8 No No Yes No No No
Boost enforcement of law on illegal immigrants, makes it a crime to be in U.S. illegally Immigration 12/16/2005 239-182 36-164 203-17 No No Yes Not Voting No No
Build 700-mile fence on Mexican border Immigration 9/14/2006 283-138 64-131 219-6 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Allows local authorities to share immigration information on local individuals Immigration 6/15/2007 234-189 49-180 185-9 No No Yes No Not Voting No
Bars funds to EEOC to sue employers who require English language skills Immigration 7/26/2007 202-212 22-205 180-7 No No Yes No No No
of 55 records

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