Long Island's representatives: how they voted

After the 2010 election, Long Island's representatives trended toward the center while many others in Congress became more ideologically polarized. The graphs and table below show how they voted on 55 key issues and where they broke with their parties.

The ideological rankings from the conservative American Conservative Union and the liberal Americans for Democratic Action are illustrated in the following graphs. The table below breaks down where the representatives stood vote by vote.

The yes-no vote tallies for the two parties will not add up to the total vote in the House because of Rep. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont.

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Bill Subject Date Final vote (Y-N) Democrats Republicans Bishop Israel King McCarthy Ackerman Meeks
DREAM Act to grant legal residency to children of illegal immigrants Immigration 12/8/2010 216-198 208-38 8-160 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Block new rules that would limit federal worker overtime Safety Net 9/9/2004 223-193 200-0 22-193 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raise minimum wage Safety Net 1/10/2007 315-116 233-0 82-116 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act for gender pay bias Safety Net 1/9/2009 247-171 244-5 3-166 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2009 Safety Net 6/4/2009 258-154 234-5 24-149 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Extension of unemployment benefits Safety Net 4/15/2010 289-112 240-1 49-111 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act Safety Net 9/29/2010 268-160 251-3 17-157 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act that narrowed protections for LGBT victims of domestic abuse Safety Net 5/16/2012 222-205 216-23 6-182 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Increase borrowing for flood Insurance after superstorm Sandy Safety Net 1/4/2013 354-67 193-0 161-67 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$50 billiion in aid for superstorm Sandy Safety Net 1/15/2013 241-180 192-1 49-179 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2005 PATRIOT Reauthorization Act: Renewed sweeping law passed in response to 9/11 terror attacks Security 7/21/2005 257-171 43-156 214-14 No No Yes No No No
FISA Protect Americans Act: Removed warrant requirement for surveillance of foreign intelligence targets reasonably believed to be outside U.S. Security 8/4/2007 227-183 41-181 186-2 No No Yes No No No
2008 FISA Amendments Act: Authorized broad foreign data collection programs such as PRISM; protected telecoms cooperating with surveillance Security 6/20/2008 293-129 105-128 188-1 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 PATRIOT Act Reauthorization: Extends roving wiretap warrants; orders allowing seizure of any tangible things relevant to a security investigation, like a business? customer records; allows wiretaps on lone wolf terrorists not tied to groups Security 2/14/2011 275-144 65-117 210-27 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
2011 PATRIOT Sunset Extensions: Final vote approving three measures the House first approved on Feb. 14, 2011 Security 5/26/2011 250-153 54-122 196-31 Yes Yes Yes Not Voting No No
The FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012: Extends electronic surveillance act to 2017 Security 9/12/2012 301-118 74-111 227-7 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
2013 Amash Amendment to stop NSA Data Collection on Americans: Sought to end sweeping collections of phone records, other data, on U.S. citizens by requiring that a warrant has to be for an individual under investigation Security 7/24/2013 205-217 111-83 94-134 No No No Not Voting Retired No
Round two of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses Tax/Finance 5/23/2003 231-200 7-198 224-1 No No Yes No No No
Extending Bush tax cuts Tax/Finance 9/23/2004 339-65 125-65 213 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business tax cuts Tax/Finance 10/7/2004 280-141 73-124 207-16 No No Yes No No Yes
of 55 records

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