The federal government collects records on hospital performance in many categories. You can use this database to find hospitals in your area, and a few big ones in the city, to see how they did on 55 different measures of hospital performance. Choose to see all the data on one hospital using the box on the left or by clicking on one hospital on the map. Or you can first choose a category of measure -- mortality rates, for example -- and then a condition in the box on the right to get a table of all the hospitals' scores on that one measure. If you are in an individual hospital page and a single datapoint catches your eye, click on the description to see the scores of all hospitals. Data released in December 2013 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, except for statistics on hospital acquired conditions, which were issued in July 2013. (Read more about this data)

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Process of care measure

These measures show how often hospitals give recommended treatments known to get the best results for patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures. Information about these treatments are taken from the patients’ records and most are converted into a percentage; some scores are in minutes, where indicated. The measures are based on scientific evidence about treatments that are known to get the best results.

Surgery patients whose doctors ordered treatments to prevent blood clots after certain types of surgeries

National average98
State average98
Beth Israel Medical CenterN/AN/A
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical CenterN/AN/A
Eastern Long Island HospitalN/AN/A
Franklin HospitalN/AN/A
Glen Cove HospitalN/AN/A
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical CenterN/AN/A
Huntington HospitalN/AN/A
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital of Port JeffersonN/AN/A
Long Beach Medical CenterN/AN/A
Long Island Jewish Medical CenterN/AN/A
Mercy Medical CenterN/AN/A
Montefiore Medical CenterN/AN/A
Mount Sinai HospitalN/AN/A
Nassau University Medical CenterN/AN/A
National averageN/AN/A
New York-Presbyterian HospitalN/AN/A
North Shore University HospitalN/AN/A
Northport VA Medical CenterN/AN/A
NYU Hospitals CenterN/AN/A
Peconic Bay Medical CenterN/AN/A
Plainview HospitalN/AN/A
South Nassau Communities HospitalN/AN/A
Southampton HospitalN/AN/A
Southside HospitalN/AN/A
St. Catherine of Siena HospitalN/AN/A
St. Charles HospitalN/AN/A
St. Francis Hospital RoslynN/AN/A
St. Joseph HospitalN/AN/A
St. Luke's Roosevelt HospitalN/AN/A
State averageN/AN/A
University Hospital ( Stony Brook )N/AN/A
Winthrop-University HospitalN/AN/A

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