Westchester, Rockland and Hudson Valley election guide

Westchester, Rockland and Hudson Valley candidates for Congress, State Assembly and state Senate are on local ballots Nov. 6.

Newsday.com has assembled an informative guide of challengers and incumbents, including social media information, candidates' websites, short biographies, photos and contact information for all the region's candidates.

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Img url Name Party Position District Email Twitter Website
Joseph T. Gravagana Republican Conservative Independence State Assembly 97 joseph@josephgravagna.com N/A http://www.josephgravagna.com/
Neil A. Di Carlo Conservative State Senate 41 info@NeilDiCarlo.com @NeilDiCarlo http://neildicarlo.com/home.php
Bob Cohen Republican Conservative Independence State Senate 37 info@bobcohen2012.com @ItsBobcohen http://www.bobcohen2012.com/
Eliot L. Engel Democratic U.S. Representative 16 N/A @repeliotengel N/A
Christopher P. Gibson Republican U.S. Representative 19 gibsonforcongresshq@gmail.com @ChrisGibsonNY http://www.chrisgibsonforcongress.com/
Aileen M. Gunther Democratic Independence Working Families State Assembly 100 info@aileengunther.com N/A http://aileengunther.com/
Ann G. Rabbitt Republican Conservative Independence State Assembly 98 rabbitta@assembly.state.ny.us @annierabbitt http://www.annierabbitt.net/
Peter D. Lopez Republican State Assembly 102 LopezP@assembly.state.ny.us N/A http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Peter-D-Lopez/
Joe Carvin Republican U.S. Representative 17 info@carvin2012.com @Carvin4Congress http://carvin2012.com/
Julian Schreibman Democratic U.S. Representative 19 info@julianforny.com @JulianSchreib http://julianforny.com/
David Carlucci Democratic Working Families Independence State Senate 38 carlucci@nysenate.gov @davidcarlucci http://carlucci2012.com/
George S. Latimer Democratic Working Families State Senate 37 bdhegt@gmail.com @VoteLatimer2012 http://www.facebook.com/Latimerforsenate
Janis A. Castaldi Republican State Senate 38 info@janiscastaldi.com @JanisCastaldi http://janiscastaldi.com/
Justin Wagner Democratic Green Working Families State Senate 40 info@justinwagner2012.com @JustinWagner12 http://www.justinwagner2012.com/
Stephen M. Saland Republican Independence State Senate 41 saland4senate@gmail.com @senatorsaland http://www.stevesaland.com/
Sean Patrick Maloney Democratic U.S. Representative 18 info@seanmaloney.com @spmaloney http://www.seanmaloney.com/
Nan Hayworth Republican U.S. Representative 18 N/A @NanHayworth http://nanhayworth.com/
David Byrne Republican Independence State Assembly 106 Lori@dave4ny.com @Dave4NY http://www.dave4ny.com/
Christine M. Bello Republican Conservative State Assembly 104 christinebello@aol.com N/A http://www.facebook.com/belloforassembly
David Buchwald Democratic Independence Working Families State Assembly 93 campaign@davidbuchwald.com @DavidBuchwald www.DavidBuchwald.com
Didi Barrett Democratic Working Families State Assembly 106 info@didibarrett.com @didi4assembly http://www.didibarrett.com/
Ellen C. Jaffee Democratic State Assembly 97 ejaffee@ellenjaffee.com N/A http://www.ellenjaffee.com/
Kim Izzarelli Republican Conservative State Assembly 95 kim@kimfor95th.com @KimIzzarelli http://www.kimfor95th.com
William Villanova Republican Conservative State Assembly 91 bill@billvillanova.us @billvill91 http://www.billvillanova.us/
Andrew I. Falk Democratic State Assembly 94 andrewfalk2012@gmail.com @AndrewFalk2012 andrewfalk2012.com
Claudia Tenney Republican State Assembly 101 claudiatenney@gmail.com N/A http://www.tenney4ny.com/
Gary D. Linton Republican Conservative State Assembly 100 garylinton2012@yahoo.com @garylinton2012 http://www.garylinton.com
Sandra R. Galef Democratic Independence State Assembly 95 sgalef@aol.com N/A http://www.sandygalef.com/
Steve Otis Democratic Independence Working Families State Assembly 91 steve@steveotisassembly.com N/A http://www.steveotisassembly.com/
Bob Castelli Republican State Assembly 93 office@castelli2012.com @bobcastelli http://bobcastelli.com/
Stephen Katz Republican Conservative State Assembly 94 katz4assembly@gmail.com @katz4ny http://www.katz4ny.com
Francis E. Morganthaler We The People U.S. Representative 17 morganthaler2012@gmail.com @GiveMeLibertyUS http://frankmorganthaler.com/
Gregory R. Ball Republican Conservative Independence State Senate 40 gball@ball4ny.com @ball4ny http://ball4ny.com/home
Kyle P. Roddey Republican Conservative Independence State Assembly 99 ElectKyleRoddey@gmail.com @electkyleroddey http://kyleroddey.com/
James G. Skoufis Democratic State Assembly 99 james@skoufisforassembly.com N/A http://skoufisforassembly.com
Nita M. Lowey Democratic U.S. Representative 17 N/A @Lowey4Congress http://www.loweyforcongress.com/
Terry W. Gipson Democratic State Senate 41 N/A @TerryGipsonNY http://www.terrygipsonny.com/
Joseph McLaughlin Republican U.S. Representative 16 info@McLaughlinforCongress.com N/A http://www.joemclaughlinforcongress.com/
James A. Miller Democratic State Assembly 102 contact@JimmyMillerForAssembly.com N/A http://www.JimmyMillerForAssembly.com
Christopher W. Eachus Democratic Working Families State Senate 39 eachus@christophereachus.com @Chris_Eachus http://christophereachus4nyssenate.com/
William J. Larkin Jr. Republican Conservative Independence State Senate 39 N/A N/A N/A
Frank K. Skartados Democratic Independence Working Families State Assembly 104 frank@frankforassembly.com @frankskartados http://www.frankforassembly.com/
Daniel R. Carter Democratic State Assembly 101 dancarter117@yahoo.com N/A http://danielrcarter.com/
Gerard T. McQuade Jr. Democratic Working Families State Assembly 98 gmcquade1@optonline.net N/A N/A
Joseph Diaferia Green U.S. Representative 16 DiaferiaForCongress@gmail.com N/A http://www.diaferiaforcongress.info/
Showing 45 records

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