Hudson Valley health: Physical environment

How healthy is your county?

In March, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, together with the University of Wisconsin, compiled health data on nearly every county in the United States, including those in Westchester, Rockland and the Hudson Valley, analyzing criteria from adult obesity to healthy food access to education. Below, you'll find detailed information about your county, and how it compares to the rest of the region and New York State.

NOTE: "Air pollution-particulate matter days" reflects a level of particle pollution -- which includes acids such as nitrates and sulfates, organic chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles -- that threaten lung function and can cause chronic bronchitis, asthma and other adverse pulmonary effects. "Air pollution-ozone days" reflects the number of days in which the air quality was not healthy due to ozone levels.

"Access to recreational facilities" is based on a rate per 100,000 population. "Limited access to healthy foods" measures those who live either less than one mile from a large grocery store in an urban area, or less than 10 miles in rural counties. "Fast food restaurants" shows the proportion of a county's restaurants that are fast food establishments.

Other indicators:

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Id County Air pollution-particulate matter days Air pollution-ozone days Access to recreational facilities Limited access to healthy foods Fast food restaurants
1 Westchester 2 7 20 2% 43%
2 Orange 1 5 10 8% 43%
3 Rockland - 3 14 6% 46%
4 Dutchess 1 - 11 10% 39%
5 Ulster - 4 14 19% 36%
6 Putnam 2 3 19 7% 44%
7 NY State 4 5 11 4% 45%
Showing 7 records