Michael J. Fitzpatrick
State Assemblyman
(R-St. James)

Fitzpatrick has responded to Newsday's survey.

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Fitzpatrick is a member of the Assembly. Working with the State Senate, the Assembly can propose and pass laws that regulate local police departments throughout the state. It could create state oversight of police officers, which currently does not exist, or make internal police investigations public in New York.

Fitzpatrick, of St. James, is serving his sixth term in the Assembly. An associate with Morgan Stanley's Port Jefferson office, Fitzpatrick previously served for 15 years as a Smithtown town councilman.


Police officers have remained on the job after shooting innocent people, falsifying police reports, lying under oath and committing other misconduct.

Is there a need for increased oversight of law enforcement?

A New York law known as 50-a keeps investigations into police misconduct hidden from the public. In many states this is not the case.

Should 50-a be repealed?

New York does not license police officers, and is one of only six states that does not have the power to end an officer’s career.

Should New York police officers be licensed by the state?

His comments:

I eagerly await the forthcoming reporting on the issues Newsday is raising. A fair and balanced investigation of these issues, along with informed discussion and debate, should be conducted first.

What do you think?

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