Final Call

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Members: Gregory Diem, Patrick Carroll, Joshua Roiland, Evan Brandow

Vote for us because: What started as four longtime friends covering songs in their basements from their favorite artists Green Day and Blink-182, soon turned into Final Call. We love performing live shows on Long Island and watching everyone have a great time with us. We also worked very hard last summer to put out our debut EP "What Lies Ahead" which was an amazing experience. We know that we have so much more great music, energy, and enjoyment to give to people and that winning Newsday's Battle of the Bands Contest would help us immensely in doing so. We hope you enjoy our video for our song "Rejected" and thanks for listening!


Project manager: Kaydi Pelletier; Design: James Stewart; Production: Joann Vaglica, Erica Brosnan, Kate Nalepinski; Development: Jon Ingoglia, TC McCarthy

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