Frankel Sisters Band

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Members: Jaymee Frankel, Lianne Frankel, Josh Frankel

Vote for us because: You have to be in it to win it! As passionate and determined singer-songwriters our music connects with many diverse groups of people, especially Long Islanders. Our music lets people know it’s ok to be human. We’re not always perfect and our lives aren’t always what they appear to be on social media. The messages we send are real and relatable. Even though everyone in life is different, we all share the same emotions of love, power, strength, weakness, disappointment, and hope. We want our listeners to feel comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone in the highs and lows of life. But our music is versatile, and can sometimes just be mindless, feel-good, and fun. We want to create music that gets stuck in people’s heads and makes for memorable car rides. Through our music we have the ability to inspire our community by being role models for all ages and putting smiles on the faces of many.


Project manager: Kaydi Pelletier; Design: James Stewart; Production: Joann Vaglica, Erica Brosnan, Kate Nalepinski; Development: Jon Ingoglia, TC McCarthy

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