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Members: Lexy Cassell, Andrew Cohn, Kali Monaco

Vote for us because: Our band is back for a second year in a row to grab the title of Newsday's Battle of the Bands winner. We gave it a great shot last year and placed in the top 10 with the highest amount of votes but the title eluded us. This year were here to give it another try! We're very proud that our last year's song "Original" has been played in rotation and on several radio station as well as live performances on 6 radio/TV shows this year. In addition to radio and TV, the highlight of our summer has been performing at Jones Beach and the Pride Festival in Long Beach. We think we should win Newsday's Battle of the Band contest because we will be able to ROCK the Paramount.


Project manager: Kaydi Pelletier; Design: James Stewart; Production: Joann Vaglica, Erica Brosnan, Kate Nalepinski; Development: Jon Ingoglia, TC McCarthy

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