Oak & Ash

Photo: Oak & Ash / Video: Oak & Ash


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Members: Rich Tuorto, Chris Tuorto, Paul Gramigna, Bryan Garbe

Vote for us because: Everyone in this industry knows, to be a successful musician it takes more than just talent and good songwriting...it also takes an incredible amount of patience, determination, hard work, and even a bit of luck to achieve your goals. After countless shows, an incredible amount of practice, and two independently produced EP's, our group has displayed that patience and determination and we are ready for a bit of good fortune. The talent is there, the songs are there, and it will only take the right platform to get us where we want to go.


Project manager: Kaydi Pelletier; Design: James Stewart; Production: Joann Vaglica, Erica Brosnan, Kate Nalepinski; Development: Jon Ingoglia, TC McCarthy

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