Phil Firetog Trio

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Members: Phil Firetog, Liam Gordon, Jake Bergaglio

Vote for us because: As a group of musicians, we are more dedicated to our craft as anyone else. We know that our songs are great, and the next great media we need is a really high quality-well produced studio music video. Long Island is our home and we love it, and we just want the rest of Long Island to experience our music and message. Newsday's music video contest is the perfect medium for our goals, and we know that we're the perfect fit. We're family friendly, happy guys who love doing what we do, and we hope you can see that.


Project manager: Kaydi Pelletier; Design: James Stewart; Production: Joann Vaglica, Erica Brosnan, Kate Nalepinski; Development: Jon Ingoglia, TC McCarthy

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