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Supermarket Inspections

See what state inspectors found at grocery stores, convenience stores and bodegas with violations in New York City or on Long Island. Only locations with violations are shown.

These are the most recent inspections of food stores where critical deficiencies were found. Only businesses that were inspected and had critical violations are listed. Locations include grocery store chains, local delis and bodegas, and convenience stores. The information is provided by the New York Division of Food Safety and Inspection of the state's Department of Agriculture and Markets, which recently stopped listing non-critical violations at stores that had critical ones. The state updates its online database periodically and Newsday intends to post those updates here.

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Violation details

A venue may be cited for only part of the violation described. For example, "Rodents, insects present" may mean either rodents or insects are present. This list has the last two years of data.